Rokfin is changing the digital media ecosystem.

Rokfin wants you to own your channel, leveraging the power of recurring revenue. Current digital content publishing platforms earn billions of recurring revenue. Creators that publish to those platforms receive a fraction of the value that the platforms extract from the network of creators. Rokfin offers a clear and easy solution for creators to leverage both recurring revenue and the network.


Creator Channel

Rokfin wants control put back into the hands of the creator. Create an account, customize your channel, and publish the content you’re passionate about. Let your audience know a bit about you with a custom description, username, channel photo, cover photo, and links to your social profiles.


Publish Ad-Free Content

Creators are free to publish the content they’re passionate about, without interruptive ads. Rokfin supports video, audio, and written content and encourages engagement from users with an ad-free experience.


Curate Content Pieces

Curators are welcomed to the platform, with the option to spot great, connected content posts and combine them into a Stack. Easily create a series with your own content or others, and for every engagement in that stack, all creators involved earn royalties.


Analytic Visibility

Creators have complete visibility into their contents’ performance and the impact they make on the network as it compares to other creators. See your post views, reposts, subscribers, and more in your own Creator Dashboard, and see how your content stacks up to others.